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If your home has been built between the late 1980s and mid-2000s, there is a risk that it may be a leaky building. We use the term ‘leaky building’ because the problem is also found in apartments. These buildings can be very expensive to fix, so it’s important to get as much information as you can before you start the process.

We have been helping homeowners in Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt & Porirua fix their leaky home problems since 2012. We can help you too, by creating a solution and bringing your home up to standard, and repair any damage that has been caused.

Important things to know

A leaky building is one where moisture gets between the outside of the house (the cladding) and the inside walls.

Buildings that have a high risk of leaking were mostly built between the late 1980s and the mid-2000s, using plaster-style monolithic cladding systems. The exterior walls typically have an unbroken or smooth appearance.

If your house or apartment has cladding of this type, you should get an independent building inspection or a weather-tightness expert to inspect the property, because there may be no obvious signs of problems.

If you buy a property you know is leaky or has a high risk of becoming leaky, be
aware of the risks to your health and the financial impact this may have.

This information on leaky buildings may not cover everything that is relevant to you or the property. You should always get advice from your own lawyer or conveyancer and other registered professionals.


To reclad or repair, which is cheaper? Do you really need a total reclad?

Being advised that you need a full reclad is often a knee-jerk reaction from builders after finding a weather tightness issue.
Bear Construction focuses on reinstating value back into your home without unnecessary spending. We ensure repairs are undertaken to maximise the durability of your home and then recommend a maintenance program that keeps your home durable.
We would only recommend a full reclad in the most extreme of cases.

How much will it cost?

Bear Construction will assess your home and supply a report and a fixed price quote. We recommend specific construction fixes that we know will provide a weathertight structure, and therefore help reinstate value back into your

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